Choose Your Favorite Florist Shrewsbury Wedding Bouquets

While several beautiful alternatives have been found today to flowers for wedding decoration and wedding bouquets, the wonder of flowers will stay matchless. A bride always loves the thought of filling her wedding day with flowers and she actually is thrilled imagining holding her bouquet while walking down the aisle. However when it actually involves choosing the flowers, it can easily overwhelm a bride with so many choices.

Fortunately your florist like Florist Shrewsbury can be an expert in flowers and can assist you in this task. Your florist may ask you which kind of wedding bouquet you’d like to have. And you’ll feel that all bouquets are alike. That is an incorrect assumption. Bouquets for you as well as your girls will come in many looks, shapes and sizes.

Below are a few common varieties of wedding bouquets:

1. Posy

That is a lightweight, smaller and tighter bouquet that’s easy for a bride to carry in hand. It could be created with smaller flowers or big flowers in smaller number.

2. Round

This is a vintage type of wedding bouquet which is well suited for a formal setting. As its name suggests, a round bouquet is shaped round and is created from a single kind of flower, usually roses.

3. Hand-tied

A hand-tied bouquet is merely that, i.e. a hand-tied assortment of wedding flowers. It may offer a more romantic, looser look to your bouquet and its main attraction is a variety of binding, such as lace, twine or burlap.

4. Composite

A composite bouquet combines individual petals into a frame to make a tight bouquet, typically making use of a blend of various flower types and colors. Since this needs so much of hands-on work, composite bouquets can be much pricier than other styles of bouquets.

5. Arm Bouquet

You might see arm bouquets usually held by beauty pageant queens in their arms such as a baby. But they can in fact work equally well even for brides. The flowers in this bouquet lay sideways, allowing you to cradle it in a single or both arms.

6. Nosegay

Just like a posy bouquet, a nosegay is also smaller and lightweight. However, it incorporates more natural elements and greenery when compared to a posy bouquet.

Decide on which kind of bouquet and flowers you want to hold in your hands for your much desired moment and you’ll get just the flowers you want. Happy wedding!